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patti's red nails

In honor of the life of Patti Joyce Trombly, Patti's Red Nails has been created to keep her spirit of generosity alive. Patti will always be remembered by family and friends as one of the most generous people they have met.


Always adorned with red nail polish, red lipstick, and a gift in her hand, Patti approached each day as a special occasion, never needing a "reason" to embrace self-care and to be generous to others.

Patti's Red Nails will soon be a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, and will provide resources for deserving women to access much-needed self-care experiences. Some examples will be providing manicures and pedicures to victims of domestic violence, date night funds for parents of children with special needs, massages for front-line healthcare workers, and more!

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