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Mrs. Trombly's Reading Corner

(post written by Stephanie) We are absolutely delighted to share that the Thomson Elementary School in North Andover will be dedicating a corner in honor of our mom, Patti. The last picture I have of my mom is our last night in Boston before we moved to Florida. It was Rose's first birthday, July 24th. Seated on the couch my mom is reading "On The Night You Were Born" to Benjamin and Rose with Michael too. It is one of my most cherished photographs. She loved reading to Ben. She loved reading to her students. My mom bought Ben books for nearly every occasion and holiday. She recorded a Christmas book for him with her voice over. I am so thankful for that gift. The image below was shared to the Thompson School community. This weekend I will be purchasing books from Rohi's Readery in W. Palm Beach with an emphasis on books that feature inclusion and celebrate differences. We look forward to sharing more on our social media, @pattisrednails on Facebook and Instagram. HAPPY READING!!!

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