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patti's red nails

Illuminating the spirit of giving through acts of kindness.


In honor of the life of Patti Joyce Trombly, Patti's Red Nails has been created to keep her spirit of generosity alive.


Patti will always be remembered by family and friends as one of the most generous people they have met. Always adorned with red nail polish, red lipstick, and a gift in her hand, Patti approached each day as a special occasion, never needing a "reason" to embrace self-care and to be generous to others.

Patti's Red Nails provides resources for deserving women to access much-needed self-care experiences. 


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Can provide a manicure or pedicure for a woman in preparation for a job interview. 


Can pay for a babysitter while the parents of a child with special needs have a long-overdue date night.


Can provide an hour-long massage to a woman who has recently lost a loved one.

how does it work?

Patti's Red Nails Board of Directors include her three daughters, and husband Michael. 


Patti's Red Nails will work continuously to generate donations. Equally, the organization will work to solicit recommendations of women and families who could benefit from a random act of love. 

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Patti's Most Epic Gifts

patti's most epic gifts

mystery gifter

Patti anonymously showered my family and I with the MOST THOUGHTFUL surprises. My favorite flowers secretly left on the doorstep, special treats for the kids, gift cards to my hair salon and other favorite places to nudge me to GET OUT of the house on those days when I didn’t even want to get out of bed. She did her research to find out just what I needed, just what I loved, and always seemed to reach out right when I needed it most. She never signed the cards or took credit for the acts of kindness. 

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